White chocolate mixed with strawberry powder and an ounce of lemon to give just the right touch.

Lemon Liquorice

Lemon and liquorice are two flavours that fits perfectly together. Combined with white chocolate and candied almonds gives this extraordinary flavour.

Chocolate Coated Almonds
Salty Liquorice

Almonds coated in white chocolate and salty liquorice. One of our best selling flavours. These almonds are coated in white chocolate and covered with liquorice powder. An amazing tasting experience which combines the saltiness from the liquorice with the sweetness of the chocolate.

Chocolate Coated Almonds
Sea salt

Almonds coated in dark chocolate and sea salt. The combination of sweet and salt could hardly go wrong. These almonds are covered with dark chocolate and sea salt. A delicious and healthy snack which has that little extra.